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Mindful body

near Little Carpathian Mountains, Slovakia
2 – 8 August 2024

Secret Taoist complex Floating Dragon will restore the health of the spine and restore the mobility of joints. This complex will improve not only the physical condition of the body, but also such mental processes as memory, attention, and ability to concentrate.

Meditation will give you some small superpowers to get out of the endless circle of anxious thoughts and become happier and more resilient.


  • Bodywork with Masha
    Diaphragm work
    Relieve stress, improve posture and breathing, balance emotional state.

    Solar Plexus
    Release emotions unconsciously trapped in the body as a result of trauma.

    Spinal Exercises
    Effective exercises to help resolve back pain.

    Work on joints and soft tissues
    Let's remove tension, make the body supple and relaxed.
  • Meditation with Denis
    Reduce anxiety
    Learn to recognise thoughts that cause pain and anxiety, reducing their intensity and frequency (until they disappear).

    Mindfulness is a proven method against depression and anxiety, showing similar results to clinical methods.

    We will study the neurobiology of motivation and how to use the alternative motivation centre.

    Develop the ability to resist apathy and procrastination.
Smolenice, Slovakia
(60 km from Bratislava, 120 km from Vienna)
  • Beginners
    Our retreat is ideal for those who have no experience in meditation, tai chi or qigong, who want to try their hand at these fascinating areas, or simply to experiment and learn something new about themselves and the world.
  • Summer
    Summer is an excellent time for intensive practice. It is an opportunity to lay a stable foundation for development for the future through inner practices. Calm the mind, look into the body and make space for further transformation.
  • Going deeper
    Classes are tailored to the participants. The retreat is also suitable for those who already have experience in meditation and Chinese internal practices. You decide how much time and energy you are willing to devote to developing your meditation and bodywork skills, and we will help you with that
2 – 8 August 2024
Meditation with Denis
Many people say that morning is the best time to meditate. Some, however, prefer the evening, but we will meditate in the evening as well. Also in the mornings we will have a personal discussion and alignment of each participant's practice separately.

Please do not be wary of sitting for long periods of time. It is necessary to meditate so long that you want to meditate some more afterwards. We will determine the time together depending on your condition, feelings and personal progress in the practice.
Chinese Wellness Practices with Masha
After breakfast you will have body practices. We will learn to listen to your body, get acquainted with a fundamentally new approach to working with the spine, which allows you to gradually get rid of back pain.

You will learn how to work deeply on soft tissues, solve problems with joints. You will learn several sets of exercises that balance your emotional state and strengthen your immune system.
Free time
You'll have chance to sample Slovak cuisine, explore local attractions or go for a hike to the highest peak of the Little Carpathian Mountains.
Evening practice
The time before dinner will be devoted to personal practice, lectures on the theoretical part of the material being learnt (neurophysiology of meditation, Chinese medicine) and consolidation of the material. Here we will lay the foundation for regular classes in the future.

The schedule might be adjusted according to weather conditions.
What would you see there?
Slovakia, Smolenice
Museum Molpír in Smolenice offers samples of the flora and fauna of the Malé Karpaty and archeological findings from the site Molpír, where primeval dwellings were discovered including the tribes of thrakian-scythian remains, celtic remains, and remains of the Great Moravian settlements.
Smolenice Castle
On a little hill there is Smolenice Castle, originally a look out tower built in the 14th century to protect the routes of the Malé Karpaty and the Czech trade route. At the start of the 20th century the Pálffy family started to build a modern family seat according to the projects of the architect J. Hubert. The romantic settings of the castle are highlighted by the wide surrounding parks and meadows, the beauty of which can be enjoyed during the summer months thanks to viewing tower of the castle.

Little Carpathianas
Follow the footsteps of its extraordinary natural wealth, taste local specialities and sweet mead in the village fated with the count family Pálffy and the inventor of parachute Štefan Banič. Romantic and adventurous footpaths around the Pearl of Little Carpathianas are waiting just for you.
 Smolenice kras
The hiking path of Smolenice kras takes in the national cultural heritage of the site Molpír (400 m above sea level), the natural reservation of Hlboča valley of a size of 123 hectors with the only waterfall of the Malé Karpaty of a height of 9 metres. Part of this natural reservation includes the national natural treasure of the Driny cave. Next to the cave there is a recreation site Jahodník, where there are cabins, restaurant, swimming pool, camping and horse riding all available.
Meet your team
Maria Pipenko
In her "past life" she had a degree in psychology, defended her PhD in sociological sciences and taught at a university. At the age of 34, she moved to the Taoist village of Wudangshan (Hubei Province, China), where she took a one-year course as a trainer of Wudang Tai Chi and Qigong, at the school of the Taoist master Chen Shixin. After that she stayed at her school as a coach and spent the next seven years teaching Chinese and Western students, travelling around China studying with different masters.

Since 2023, lives and studies in Bali with Damo Mitchell (founder of Lotus Neigong and author of numerous books on Taoist practices). He is studying Chinese medicine.

In the classroom (as well as in life) he is an adherent of the "common sense" approach. When teaching Chinese practices, he tries to remove unnecessary mystery and explain concepts such as "chi energy", "five elements", "yin-yang", etc. in a language understandable to Westerners.

Having a very restless mind, she has learnt from her own experience the effectiveness of the Taoist principle: "it is easier to work with the mind through the body", and is happy to help others to become healthier and happier. In her practice, she devotes a lot of time to working with joints, spine, soft tissues and mindfulness of the body.

She loves raccoons with all her heart and often uses their methods by begging for food from her immediate environment.
Denis Deriglazov

Practising meditation for over 10 years, the last four years doing it daily. He defended his master's in meditation psychology. Currently teaching mindfulness and pursuing a PhD at Comenius University, Bratislava. Doing research on meditation and counteracting compassion fatigue.

He has participated in numerous retreats, of which he spent 4 months at Wat Chom Tong Monastery in Thailand practising Vipassana. He has read the first half of the Buddhist classical texts and dreams of reading the second half (and also the third and fourth).

A man with such charm that it is simply impossible to refuse him in response to a proposal: "Let's meditate... at seven o'clock in the morning. And also in the evening! Absolutely." It is he who will listen carefully to your worries about the practice every day, advise, support and help you in the difficult task of "tracking the movements of the mind".

Vegetarian and very fond of dogs. Both regular and raccoon dogs. Possesses the secret knowledge of how to inhale a packet of biscuits in a minute.

It includes

🏡 Accommodation for 6 nights in Smolenice cosy family guesthouse

🧍‍♀️ Daily classes on body practices

🧎🏼 Meditation classes

🌺 Discussions on Chinese medicine and the neurophysiology of meditation

☕ We always have herbal tea, delicious coffee, support and a wide variety of conversations in the evenings :)

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