Weekend Urban retreat in Basel
14 – 16 June 2024
Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation
Take your steps to inner peace during 3-days retreat using ancient methods of Chinese embodiment workouts and Burmese meditation practices. The course is suitable for anyone who would like to explore these methods without any prior knowledge.
3 days of full body mindfulness
with the help
of meditation and Chinese
internal practices
2 teachers
with 15 years of experience,
multiple held retreats,
teaching in Wudang Daoist academy (Hubei Province, China),
studying in Thailand monastery
Open to all levels
from zero to advanced:
all practices are adjusted to
What will we do?
Chinese internal practices

  • Stretching and lengthening of the spine
  • Slow movements that helps you to reduce stress
  • Mastering an ancient health qigong routine – 8 Silk brocades
  • Exploring self-strategies of communication through the body in pair work

  • Acquiring new abilities to lessen intensity of intrusive and anxious thoughts, noting them and learning to let them go
  • Learning basic neurobiology of motivation and using alternative center of motivation
  • Making your life stable and understand yourself better
  • Deal with apathy and procrastination
Our practices will allow you to
  • Calm the mind
    Use body movements from ancient Chinese daoist practices and insight meditation
  • Boost your immune system
    Reduce levels of stress, target anxiety and symptoms that lead to depression
  • Keep concentration longer
    You will use meditation principles to work with your concentration, solve various psychological problems and build firmer relations with your beloved ones
  • Learn two short routines for body and mental health
    Incorporate them into your daily life to allow the body feel more comfortable, healthy, solve knees and spine problems
  • Establish mental health and induce self-development
    With help of mindful momentary concentration
  • Use proven methods against burnout and procrastination

    With similar results to clinical approaches

Meet your team
  • Maria Pipenko

    Teacher of Tai Chi and Qigong

    Bali, Indonesia
    • 2013 – 2014: Wudang taiji and Qigong coaching (Wudangshah, China)
    • 2014 – 2021: worked for 7 years as a coach at Wudang Daoist Kungfu Academy
    • PhD in Sociology
    • Traveled a lot around China and studied from various Tai Chi and Qigong masters
    • 2022 – ongoing: a long-term student of Lotus Nei Gong International academy held by Damo Mitchell
  • Denis Deriglazov
    Meditation teacher
    Slovakia, Bratislava
    • Participation in multiple retreats including 4 months living in Wat Chom Tong monastery (Thailand)
    • Practice meditation for more than 10 years
    • Studied neuroscience, genetics and mindfulness
    • PhD at Comenius university
    • Last 4 years meditate every day
    • Accumulated more than 5000 hours of practice
Weekend Urban retreat

Friday (1 July 2024)

17:00 – 20:00

Friday (1 July 2024)

17:00 – 20:00

Meeting and starting
Meditation practice with Denis (D)
Chinese internal practices with Masha (M)
Herbal tea and specialty coffee
Saturday (2 July 2024)
9:30 – 19:00
Saturday (2 July 2024)
9:30 – 19:00
Morning meditation (D)
Fully embodied with Tai Chi practice (M)
Lunch break, rest, discussion
Body awareness (M)
Evening meditation (D)
Delicious coffee and tea
Sunday 3 July 2024
9:30 – 17:00
Sunday 3 July 2024
9:30 – 17:00
Diving deeper
Meditation and individual discussion of the practice (D)
Mindful body, Qigong (M)
Lunch break, coffee
Mindful body (M)
Combined meditation (D)
Discussion, QA: ways of sustaining daily practice in everyday life (Denis and Masha), discussion and tea
What our participants say about us
Catherine Churyukanova
Maria is a highly skilled professional who can explain the most difficult things with the simplest words. And Denis is extremely patient, tactful and careful teacher of meditation. The whole atmosphere was  fantastic – cheerful and supportive. I can tell you, this retreat was the best thing that happened to me for long-long time.
Gaurav Jalan
It was great experience with Denis on the Cyprus retreat. The techniques that Denis uses might look simple but it provides a lot of insights and awareness about oneself. For me personally, it worked great. I have been less stressed and more relaxed and overall being aware of my thoughts.

A week of Qigong with Maria i was a bliss for my body and mind overall. I could feel and relieve all the tension and stiffness in the muscles, that I never though existed... She is an amazing human being and knowledgeable instructor with great sense of humor and I truly envy her passion towards her work.
Irina Rudinsky
I can’t believe that something so big and so wonderful came into my life. The retreat in Serbia brought so many stillness and inner peace. I really miss that and I am trying to preserve the inner quietness. I also try to make sure to practice every day- since I don’t know a better way to feel myself
Thank you thank you thank you

‎אני לא מאמינה שחוויה כל כך גדולה וחשובה נכנסה לחיי כל כך בזמן, כל כך בעדינות ובזהירות. היה נפלא, יפה מאוד, כיפי ובחמימות עד אין קץ. אני מתגעגעת מאוד ושומרת בתוכי שלום ושקט. ואני גם דואגת שבכל יום יהיה מקום בלוח הזמנים לתרגולים הנרכשים, כי אני לא מכירה דרך טובה יותר להרגיש כמו עצמי.

‏‎תודה תודה תודה.
Olga Valieva
Almost three years with Masha in different formats. From exercise to Dragon. Only positive, if it wasn't for her, well I wouldn't be able to sit, stand or lie down. Thank you, Masha, very much.
I would like to note that in all practices regularity is important and even if you/we get lost, it is necessary to move and persevere in doing what Masha showed us some time ago. Sincere hugs and always with you
I thought that meditation was something like a healthy diet. It was supposed to be healthy and useful but most probably boring and “untasty” . It turned out, you just have to find the right teacher. Practicing with Denis was really interesting and exciting( if you can say that about meditation). So, I just keep meditation, thank you for showing me the way.
I was an absolute beginner in qigong and taiji but with Maria the experience was amazing. I was following her on Facebook for a long time and she turned to be even better than I had imagined. Very caring, empathetic but with a great sense of humer , she has been in these arts for two decades and her knowledge is vast.  Practicing with her was very easy. I am looking forward to new retreats.
Sometimes it seemed to me that this is how they thought up our retreat. Like this - sitting on some unattainable peak of their mastery, soaked in metha (okay, Denis, let it be so) and the beauty of the place they were calling us to.
Did you know that the spine has a front side, our shoulder blades can extend in different directions (yes, okay shoulder blades, hip joints!!!!), the coolest thing is to mark what you marked (no lie, the coolest thing is to mark what you don't want to, but still put a gong:) and there is nothing better than dancing to Vysotsky in some absolutely fabulous house in the middle of a field? And now we know.
These three wizards were so afraid that we would be bored (yes, bored - in a place of crazy beauty, surrounded by mountains and under the constant noise of the river and ringing silence) that they loaded us with practices from 7.30 (can you feel all their obsession?) and until evening. No, they left us a bit of time to relax, but it was taken up with something that was just as important as the practices - our conversations. Now I know about Thailand, why Chinese houses have roofs bent upwards, what the culture of death and the culture of life is, where Kua is (I hope I spelt it right) and that the worst meditation is the one that didn't happen.
And there was also food.... mountains.... walks.... morning sun and afternoon rain...fireflies...sky in stars, which can be seen only in the mountains...rakia (by the way, moonshine is moonshine, but homemade liquor was mmmm how tasty)...and 7 more cool girls from different countries, each with her own amazing story, who came to this retreat.
Thank you all for this experience and this week.
I want to continue in Georgia, in China, yes wherever you call.....
That's it, no words, I'm off to meditate....

A week ago I participated in a mini-retreat that ran from Friday to Sunday, and the format was perfect. The intensive schedule allowed for a deep dive in a limited amount of time.
Three days helped me gain a new perspective on my body and brain. I became more aware of the role and benefits of these practices in my daily life. Regarding specific results, my sleep has improved and the scapula work has helped to relieve pain in my thoracic spine.
Deeply grateful for the wonderful organisation and getting to know Masha, Denis and all the participants.
Very much looking forward to new meetings!
14 – 16 june 2024 | basel, SZ
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Basel, Switzerland
Urban retreat 14-16 June 2024